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My story through the Art World

On the water selfy

Los Angeles Based Artist

Growing up in Los Angeles I enjoyed the Southern California life style. Never living more than a few blocks from the beach allowed me the opportunity to spend  time on the ocean surfing, fishing, sailing, and exploring the coastline. Graduating Palos Verdes High School in 1986 with AP art classes under my belt gave me a clear cut path to Otis Parson Collage of Design. Achieving a Bachelors of Fine Art in Communication and Design in 1991. I then began working as a commercial artist in the greater Los Angeles area. I worked for several silk-screen companies before starting my own company in 1994. Sun Threads was a great avenue to improve my business skills as well as maturing into a well rounded production artist. In 2007 I started freelancing full time while my employees took over Sun Threads with my role purely being consulting. This gave me the opportunity to explore impressionism in a gallery carrier as well as freelance design and illustration jobs in other areas of interest.


  • Creative Director / Managing Partner for Signet Marine Inc.
  • Creative Director for Sun Threads Silk Screen Co.
  •  Worked in several design studios producing silk-screen graphics  

Feel free to contact me any time if you have a project that needs work on. I am happy to work with others to achieve desired objectives and have experience with installations as well as production. I like being evolved taking conceptual project through the design process into final production.